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In the age of social media, a new wave is crashing onto the shores of pop culture — the era of AI influencers. Imagine influencers who never tire, never sleep, and never miss a beat. They pose, talk, dance, and even interact flawlessly with the audience. These influencers are not born; they are coded. Let’s unravel the evolution of these digital personalities, explore their awe-inspiring abilities, and dive into the profound impact they are making on the fabric of social media culture. Are we witnessing a revolution, or merely scratching the surface of a technological transformation that will redefine the very essence of influence?

AI Influencers 101: Exploring the Concept of Virtual Influencers

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it’s no longer just a tool but a key player shaping the narrative of our online existence. Social media, once a platform for personal expression, has evolved into a dynamic space where algorithms curate content, trends, and even personalities. Enter AI influencers — An AI influencer is an imaginary persona crafted through a blend of CGI and artificial intelligence, complete with individualized personalities, intricate backgrounds, and distinct aesthetic preferences. The primary objective is to create a façade of authenticity, making the digital entity appear as genuine and relatable as possible.

AI Influencers: Where Illusion Meets Influence

Milla Sofia, Rozy, Aitana, AI Influencers

Meet the influencers of tomorrow. These digital avatars have become the advertising faces of online brands, charging upwards of six figures for bespoke brand deals.

Meet Milla Sofia, a 24-year-old Instagram model living in Helsinki with a rapidly growing army of 125,000 followers. She’s the brainchild of Netmylly Oy, a Finnish software engineering company venturing into generative artificial intelligence. Jouni Turpeinen, the CEO of Netmylly Oy, emphasizes the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AI influencers, boasting the ability to tailor them to fit a brand’s image easily.

Meet Rozy, the South Korean virtual influencer and model created by Sidus Studio X. Rozy, at 22, boasts 120,000 Instagram followers and exclusive contracts. The rising trend of virtual influencers in Korea provides a convenient, scandal-free alternative to traditional celebrities.

Diana Núñez, co-founder of The Clueless, a Barcelona-based AI modeling agency, introduces us to Aitana Lopez, a pink-haired AI influencer earning an average of $7,300 per month. Núñez emphasizes the appeal for brands to work with AI models — lower costs, faster turnaround times, and the elimination of human variables like weather and moods.

Emily Pellegrini, with over 80,000 Instagram followers and experiencing substantial financial gains on Fanvue, is an AI generated model. The model has generated $9,688 in the past six weeks from her dedicated supporters, and profile subscriptions.

Shudu, Digital Supermodel

While we’re on topic of digital influencers reshaping the landscape, it’s worth mentioning Shudu, the “world’s first digital supermodel” created by The Diigitals, boasts a quarter-million followers. Cameron Wilson, the CEO of The Diigitals, reveals that their digital models make earnings comparable to human influencers with similar followings, alluding to the seamless integration of AI into the influencer marketing space. Note that Shudu is not an AI model; rather, she was crafted through 3D modeling techniques in 2017.

Virtual Renaissance: A Solid Potential for AI-Generated Influencers

Embrace the future with AI influencers that go beyond static visuals, morphing into dynamic entities that not only pose and sing but now dazzle us with their dance moves. Gen AI also introduces conversational avatars that engage in interactive dialogues, engaging audiences in ways unimaginable before. Read more.

Alibaba’s “Animate Anyone” project exemplifies this evolution, transitioning from still-image to full-motion manipulation. Developed by researchers at Alibaba Group’s Institute for Intelligent Computing, this generative video technique refines image-to-video systems. Animate Anyone uses algorithms from reference videos onto a series of subtly different images, creating a motion-captured effect. Though not flawless, these advancements foreshadow a future where virtual influencers become integral components of our online interactions.

Let’s delve into the some examples in the spotlight of these dynamic AI influencers:

Meet Eternity, a K-pop sensation boasting a massive fanbase with millions of views, yet distinguished by one peculiar detail — none of its 11 members are real. Eternity stands as a groundbreaking example of AI-generated influencers, each crafted with a unique appearance, style, and personality to captivate a global audience. Check out their music video.

Noonoouri, a virtual singer under Warner Music Group’s wing, collaborates with generative AI to compose music, intertwining human artistry with artificial ingenuity. As the demand for unique digital personas rises, a dedicated agency now offers 50 AI-defined personalities, designed to resonate with niche and hyper-personalized markets.

“The current generation of virtual influencers uses a mix of motion and voice capture, which requires human involvement, and generative technology, which does not. With time, it seems likely that the prominence of humans in the process will diminish as it becomes quicker and cheaper to create influencers entirely by AI.”, Bernard Marr, Futurist and Author.

Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI Influencers

Ethical Concerns for AI Influencers, Image Source : @Micheal King

In this brave new world where illusion meets influence, the line between what’s real and what’s artificial blurs, leaving us to ponder the consequences and potentials of this digital frontier. Questions of authenticity and transparency arise and the concern intensifies as audiences risk manipulation, raising the pivotal question: How genuine are these digital interactions? The potential for AI influencers to sway opinions, market products, or even emulate emotions brings forth a myriad of ethical concerns.

Addressing these concerns necessitates proactive measures like implementing clear disclosure mechanisms, prominently stating when content is AI-generated and establishing ethical guidelines for the use of AI influencers that can safeguard against manipulation. In navigating the ethical landscape of AI influencers, striking a balance between technological innovation and ethical responsibility becomes the key to shaping a digital future where authenticity and transparency remain unyielding pillars.

“While human influencers build their followings based on relatability and genuine connections, AI influencers challenge this paradigm. The appeal of AI lies in its flawless appearance, unwavering consistency, and absence of personal struggles — traits that can be perceived as alluring and alienating”, Alexander Izryadnov, CEO, Vinci Agency.


And there you have it! As we peer into the future, the trajectory of AI influencers appears bright. Anticipated advancements in AI technology hold the promise of even more lifelike avatars. The potential applications extend beyond mere entertainment, with AI influencers poised to redefine marketing strategies, brand representation, and beyond. However, it’s important to emphasize that this doesn’t imply the replacement of human influencers. Instead, we envision a future where both AI and human influencers coexist harmoniously, creating a synergistic and more convenient way for content creation and engagement.

“I do think that human creativity will remain essential, and that no matter how realistic your AI creations are, you’ll still need human-centered emotion at the core of any promotion. And until machines can actually think like us, that will remain the key differentiator”, Andrew Hutchinson, Content and Social Media Manager at Social Media Today, LLC.

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