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6 min readNov 6, 2023
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Greetings, XR adventurers! Imagine stepping into a vibrant digital tapestry, where centuries of culture, colors, and captivating stories come to life. Now, add a touch of interactive magic — an AI-powered virtual assistant, all set to unravel the mysteries and take you on a tour through time and tradition. Welcome to “BUTATI,” where the ancient and the cutting-edge converge in an exhilarating spectacle of technology and culture. In this edition of XR Weekly, we invite you to become a part of the story and experience BUTATI.

A Vision beyond Imagination: Will a Remote Village Rewrite Its Destiny?

Why would someone build a luxurious palace in the middle of a remote, underdeveloped village? The owner of the Butati Bungalow shares ancestral roots with the Butati village and envisions untapped potential in this untouched locale. His vision extends beyond mere philanthropy; he aims to catalyze progress, fostering economic growth and job opportunities for the local community. A key part of his mission is the creation of a luxury dharamshala, offering free accommodation to pilgrims. But it doesn’t stop there, he intends to elevate this venture to a global platform by the creation of a virtual replica of the palace and integrating a AI-powered virtual guide within. This will not only enrich the visitors’ experiences but also serve as a conduit for knowledge, creating opportunities that reach far beyond the village’s horizons.

In the Footsteps of Tradition: The Butati Bangalow

Butati Dham Temple, Rajasthan

Within the enchanting landscapes of Rajasthan, lies the village of Butati. Here, tradition and faith interplay in a remarkable narrative of hope and healing with the revered Butati Dham Temple, a pilgrimage to which is believed to hold the key to a miraculous cure for paralysis. The solar-powered Butati Bungalow is inspired by Rajasthani architecture, uses local materials like Pavecon blocks and Jaisalmer stone. With 15 resident rooms and ongoing construction for additional spaces, it’s a project by Creative Architects & Interiors. We’re excited to share what’s next, promising to add a new dimension to the beauty of Butati. Stay with us, for the journey ahead is set to captivate your imagination.

Unveiling BUTATI — A Virtual Oasis in Rajasthan

The sands whisper stories of an ancient innovative era as we proudly introduce you to “BUTATI” — a mesmerizing virtual oasis that creates a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, transporting you to a royal Rajasthani bungalow nestled in the rustic beauty of Butati Village. This project encompasses both a real Rajasthani bungalow meticulously constructed in the heart of Butati Village and its digital counterpart, where innovation meets tradition, powered by XR Vizion. BUTATI is an invitation to explore, learn, and appreciate the heritage of Rajasthan in a way that the 21st century can offer best.

Butati Bungalow,Virtual Experience, Exterior POV
Butati Bungalow, Dining Area

Meet Your Virtual Tour Guide — Araham, the AI Assistant

Each corner of the bungalow tells a story, and we make sure you not just observe but immerse yourself in these tales. XR Vizion makes your journey extraordinary by including the presence of a virtual companion like no other — Araham, the AI assistant. Want to learn about the history of a particular painting? Or perhaps you’re curious about the significance of the architectural elements? Araham is your expert guide, taking you through every nook and cranny of the virtual bungalow, offering tour assistance, instant insights and intriguing anecdotes. Your questions are met with informative responses, turning your tour into a dynamic, two-way conversation.

Butati’s AI-powered Virtual Assistant, Araham
Butati’s AI-powered Virtual Assistant, Araham

Araham’s Arsenal: A Closer Look at Our AI Assistant’s Abilities

Key Features of XR Vizion’s AI Bot

With a deep well of knowledge and a charming personality, Araham is your trusted AI companion on this virtual tour, ensuring that your exploration of BUTATI is nothing short of amazing. So, without further ado let’s unlock the enhanced capabilities that our AI assistant has in store for you which will take your virtual tour to extraordinary heights.

Multilingual Proficiency: It can communicate fluently in multiple languages, making the virtual tour accessible and enjoyable for visitors from around the world.

Interactive Learning: It transforms your tour into an interactive learning experience. Araham’s wealth of knowledge enables you to delve deep into the history, architecture, and culture of the Rajasthani bungalow.

24/7 Availability: Araham is always at your service, day or night, offering the same level of dedication and enthusiasm whenever you decide to embark on your BUTATI adventure.

Personalized Insights: It offers a tailored experience, adapting to your preferences, interests, and the pace of your tour. It ensures you get the most out of your visit by providing information that aligns with your specific curiosities.

Navigation Assistance (TBA): As you embark on a virtual journey through the Butati bungalow, Araham is gearing up to take on the role of your trusted navigator. This feature, currently in development, will soon be guiding you through the digital tour, ensuring you never miss any hidden gems in your exploration of BUTATI.

Personalized Recommendations: As your journey progresses, Araham suggests specific points of interest based on your preferences, allowing you to uncover the most captivating facets of the bungalow.

Future of Real Estate: Navigating New Horizons with Interactive Virtual Tours

As we bid farewell to this edition of the newsletter, we leave you with a glimpse of the future that awaits in the world of real estate. The concept of interactive virtual tours will reshape the way we perceive, experience, and invest in real estate. The horizon is bright, promising immersive encounters, enriched knowledge, and unprecedented convenience. The days of static listings, conventional brochures or even virtual reality tours are gradually fading into history. Interactive virtual tours are set to redefine the buyer-seller relationship, democratize property exploration, and ultimately make real estate decisions more informed and personal.

At XR Vizion, we’re committed to steering the ship toward this exciting new frontier, and we invite you to stay with us on this captivating journey. The future of real estate is interactive, immersive, and intelligently guided, and we can’t wait to show you what comes next.

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