Most Impressive AI Highlights from NVIDIA’s GTC 2024

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5 min readMar 21, 2024
XR Vizion on Nvidia GTC 2024 Highlights

Say hello to a world where robots understand and respond to every command, where weather patterns are simulated with unbelievable accuracy, and where Generative AI drives the next industrial revolution. Welcome to XR Vizion’s coverage of NVIDIA’s GTC 2024! This year’s event was packed with exciting announcements and insights into the future of AI technology. Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, took center stage to unveil innovations from Blackwell, the most advanced GPU so far to Project GR00T, which brings us closer to a world with humanoid robots.

Let’s quickly explore the incredible advancements that NVIDIA GTC 2024 had in store for us.

“Generative AI is the defining technology of our time,” NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang.

GTC 2024: The Intersection of AI, Graphics, and Technology

March 18, 2024

San Jose, CA.

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is an annual event that brings together leading experts, developers, and innovators to explore the latest advancements in AI, graphics, and technology. This year’s GTC 2024 continued the tradition of showcasing advanced technologies and insights into the future of computing.

The conference opened with a keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, who outlined the company’s vision for the future of AI and technology. Huang discussed the importance of AI in driving innovation and transforming industries, highlighting NVIDIA’s role in advancing AI research and development. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key highlights of GTC 2024.

“Nvidia over the years has built a huge ecosystem of the IT industry’s top hardware and software manufacturers who build cutting-edge products based on its GPU and other technologies”, Joseph Kovar, Senior editor at CRN Australia.

Omniverse on Apple Vision Pro Redefines Content Sharing

One of the pivotal highlights from the NVIDIA GTC 2024 event was the announcement by CEO Jensen Huang that the Omniverse platform is now accessible on Apple Vision Pro. This thrilling development opens up an array of possibilities for users, granting them the ability to create and share top-notch content easily across devices. With cloud-based computing, users can stream Omniverse creations directly onto their Vision Pro without compromising on performance. This collaboration between NVIDIA and Apple holds the promise of transforming industries such as automotive manufacturing, facilitating collaborative work on digital twin models.

Project GR00T: NVIDIA’s Leap Towards Humanoid Robots

NVIDIA also unveiled Project GR00T, a revolutionary initiative to achieve AGI in robotics. This project introduces a foundational model that acts as the “brain”, core intelligence for robots, that will enable a robot to understand multimodal instructions, such as language, video, and demonstration, and perform a variety of useful tasks. This advancement, coupled with major updates to the Isaac Robotics Platform, signify a monumental shift in the capabilities of humanoid robots, bringing us closer to a future where robots can adapt and interact with the world around them in ways previously unimaginable.

NVIDIA Unveils Blackwell: Next-Gen GPU for Advanced AI Models

Blackwell: Next-Gen GPU for Advanced AI Models

NVIDIA has unveiled its next-generation GPU architecture, Blackwell, and the B200 AI chip, promising to significantly enhance developers’ ability to create more advanced AI models. Named after mathematician David Blackwell, this new GPU platform succeeds the Hopper architecture and is hailed as the engine for the new industrial revolution driven by generative AI. NVIDIA’s partners, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell Technologies, Google, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Tesla, are planning to leverage Blackwell GPUs. These innovations are expected to be available later this year, aiming to solidify NVIDIA’s dominance in AI chip technology.

NVIDIA Unveils Earth-2: AI Powered Weather Forecasting

Earth-2, Nvidia’s Climate Digital Twin Cloud Platform

NVIDIA unveiled a groundbreaking tool called the Earth-2 climate digital twin cloud platform. This platform allows users to simulate and visualize global weather and climate patterns with incredible speed and detail. Powered by AI, the Earth-2 APIs enable users to create high-resolution simulations quickly, revolutionizing how we understand and predict extreme weather events. Organizations like The Weather Company and Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration are already leveraging this technology to improve weather forecasting and disaster preparedness. This innovation marks a significant step forward in our ability to address the challenges of climate change and extreme weather.

Breakthrough AI Tools from NVIDIA Set to Transform Medical Technology

NVIDIA has also launched new AI tools that will transform how we discover drugs, use medical technology, and manage digital health. These tools are designed for biology, chemistry, imaging, and healthcare data. They can be accessed from any NVIDIA DGX Cloud, making them accessible worldwide, offering advanced imaging, natural language processing, and digital biology simulation. These advancements promise faster drug discovery, better patient data collection, and smarter digital assistants in healthcare.

NVIDIA’s GTC 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Generative AI

“NVIDIA has been developing an incredibly wide range of technologies. As strong as the company’s position has been in these early days of pervasive AI, today’s announcements seem to only fortify NVIDIA’s stronghold and set it up for future success.” Marco Chiappetta, Forbes.

NVIDIA’s Project GR00T Foundation Model for Humanoid Robots

In wrapping up our coverage of NVIDIA’s GTC 2024, it’s clear that NVIDIA’s vision for the future, as articulated by CEO Jensen Huang, is one where AI and robotics converge to redefine our world. The Omniverse and Vision Pro collaboration promises a new era of cross-device creativity, while Project GR00T’s strides towards AGI hint at a world where robots are intelligent companions. NVIDIA’s Earth-2 platform and medical AI tools demonstrate a commitment to addressing global challenges. What’s striking is not just the hardware and software innovations unveiled, but the broader implications for industries and society at large.

“Everything that moves in the future will be robotic,” Jensen Huang, CEO, NVIDIA.

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