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5 min readApr 22, 2024
XR Vizion on Most Impressive AI News

The AI revolution is kicking into an even higher gear. This week was a massive one for Generative AI as titans of tech unleashed revolutionary AI capabilities that will reshape industries for the years to come. In this edition, we’ll break down all the mind-blowing AI news from Adobe’s stunning AI video editing tools to the wildly advanced electric humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics.

The future of automation, computing, and intelligence is rapidly arriving. Hang on tight.

Meta releases AI assistant powered by its Llama 3 Model

Credits : Roberto Nickson on YouTube

Meta is going all-in on its AI assistant by integrating it across Instagram, WhatsApp, Meta Facebook, and Messenger. The assistant can now provide search results from Bing and Google, create animations and high-resolution images on the fly, and suggest prompts to users. The goal is for Meta’s AI to become “the most intelligent, freely available AI assistant across the world.”

To power this assistant, Meta is releasing Llama 3 — its next major open-source AI model that it claims performs better than competitors on benchmarks and tasks like coding. Two smaller versions are being open-sourced right away, while a much larger multimodal version is coming later.

Boston Dynamics debuts a New Electric Humanoid Robot

“In the months and years ahead, we’re excited to show what the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot can really do — in the lab, in the factory, and in our lives,” Boston Dynamics in a press release.

Boston Dynamics just unveiled a fully electric, flexible new version of its humanoid robot called Atlas, powered by advanced AI, machine learning and computer vision technologies. Boston Dynamics says this new fully electric Atlas will be stronger, more dexterous, and more agile than previous versions, exceeding human capabilities in how it can move and complete tasks. The company is exploring commercial applications beginning with Hyundai Motor Company (현대자동차), which acquired Boston Dynamics in 2021.

Adobe Premiere Pro is getting Generative AI Video Tools

Adobe Video GenAI Tools

Adobe is developing new generative AI video capabilities for its Premiere Pro software, allowing users to generate and manipulate video using text prompts. These tools, part of Adobe’s Firefly AI model family, will enable extending shot lengths, adding or removing objects, and potentially integrating AI models from companies like OpenAI Sora, Runway, and Pika Labs. While Adobe showcased early demos of its own video generation model, it is also exploring partnerships to integrate best-in-class third-party AI models directly into Premiere Pro this year.

The AI Pin from Humane ‘Hits’ the Market

Marques Brownlee reviews the Humane AI Pin

The highly anticipated AI Pin from Humane which launched this week has been met with scathing reviews. The $699 device has been panned for its limited availability, inability to sync with smartphones, short battery life, overheating issues, and lack of a screen or custom apps beyond basic hand gesture control. Prominent critics like Marques Brownlee have torn into the AI Pin as one of the worst products ever reviewed, raising questions about whether such AI wearables can truly compete with smartphones.

Microsoft announces VASA-1 Image to Video AI Model

Microsoft researchers have developed an AI application called VASA-1 that can take a single portrait image and an audio clip, and generate a highly realistic video showing that person’s face animated to match the audio, with accurate lip-syncing and facial expressions. In demos, VASA-1 can animate everything from photographs to drawings to bring still portraits amazingly to life. Microsoft warns of the potential for misuse and is not publicly releasing VASA-1 for now.

Microsoft announces VASA-1 AI Model

OpenAI enters Japan, GPT-4 Model optimized for Japanese

OpenAI Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap and Tadao Nagasaki, president of OpenAI’s Japan unit

OpenAI is expanding globally by opening its first office in Asia — a new hub in Tokyo, Japan. This strategic move aims to strengthen OpenAI’s presence in a country known for its advances in AI and robotics. Significantly, OpenAI is also launching a customized version of its powerful GPT-4 language model specifically optimized for Japanese language and cultural nuances. By establishing a local team led by former Amazon Web Services (AWS) Japan head Tadao Nagasaki, OpenAI hopes to cater to enterprise demand, build partnerships, and navigate Japan’s AI governance landscape as the G7 chair promoting AI safety.

What lies Ahead?

From industry titans like Microsoft, Meta, and Adobe unveiling stellar AI capabilities, to OpenAI’s strategic expansion into Japan, the pace of innovation feels blazingly fast. The boundaries of what AI can achieve seem to be shattering weekly. We are living through an inflection point in technological history, as once ‘science fiction’ is now materializing rapidly before our eyes.

Upheaval is now the norm as AI demolishes long-standing industry conventions. Businesses, professionals and societies better brace for persistent disruption and seismic shifts in capabilities. The wave of advanced AI is merely getting started.

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