Who’s Using the Apple Vision Pro, 2 Months In?

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5 min readApr 8, 2024
XR Vizion on Apple Vision Pro

It’s been two months since Apple ‘s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset made its debut with viral footage emerging of people wearing the headset while skateboarding, working out, and even commuting on the subway. Now that the dust has settled, how is the Vision Pro actually faring? Are users still engaging with it? Have any truly compelling new apps and experiences emerged? Do we still think Vision Pro is the future of computing? Let’s find out.

Porsche has been using the Apple Vision Pro with its record-breaking Taycan

Porsche: During the launch of Porsche Taycan Turbo GT, CEO Oliver Blume showcased the car’s capabilities, including a record-breaking lap at the Laguna Seca raceway, using the Apple Vision Pro. Blume’s experience with the device was immersive, providing real-time telemetry and video feeds from the car on the track. This demo highlighted the ongoing partnership between Porsche and Apple, with the integration of Apple Vision Pro into Porsche’s race engineer cockpit app.

Gucci launches an exclusive experience on the Vision Pro

Gucci: Gucci unveiled a curated mixed reality experience on April 3rd, offering users access to an augmented edition of “Who Is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story,” a short film that provides a glimpse into the brand’s recent Ancora fashion show. Users can also curate their own virtual spaces and interact with stunning 3D products inspired by the Ancora collection.

“While recent applications of the Apple Vision Pro have predominantly revolved around e-commerce, Gucci goes further with a curated experience,” Anne-Liese Prem, CEO of tomorrow stories.

eXeX & AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower Pioneer Use of Apple Vision Pro in Joint Replacement Surgery

AdventHealth: Apple Vision Pro was recently used in a shoulder replacement surgery in Florida. Developed by eXeX, an app for Vision Pro called myMako helps surgeons in hip, knee, and partial knee replacements. The headset provides crucial information directly, reducing the need for physical contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Dr. G. Russell Huffman used the myMako app during surgery at AdventHealth Surgery Center in Orlando, showing how it can improve surgical efficiency and patient outcomes.

Alo Yoga x Vision Pro

Alo Yoga: Alo Yoga launched the “Alo Sanctuary” app, designed for the Apple Vision Pro, offering an immersive shopping experience. Partnering with Obsess and Ave Advisory, the app features various environments and spatial audio for meditation, along with the ability to shop Alo Yoga’s collections in 3D. This allows users to interact with products up close to examine details like weave and texture. Users can engage with styled mannequins and choose from over 20 complimentary meditation exercises from Alo Moves.

Wayfair introduces Decorify app to Apple Vision Pro

Wayfair: Wayfair has introduced its Decorify app to the Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to redesign their spaces with Wayfair products and purchase them directly from the retailer. The app provides 3D renderings at full scale, anchored to the floor for a life-like visualization of products in users’ spaces. Wayfair’s expansion into spatial computing comes as the company aims to improve its business performance, following a period of losses.

DFL: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and Immersiv.io have teamed up to create immersive sports experiences on the Vision Pro. Immersiv.io offers an unparalleled viewing experience particularly now with the latest integration of Spatial Personas enhancing the experience, allowing users to invite friends to join them virtually while watching a game.

Diageo: Diageo made waves as the first beverage company to dive into the world of spatial computing marking an exciting development for tequila enthusiasts worldwide. The partnership kicked off with Tequila Don Julio, known for its ultra-premium status and luxurious appeal. The Don Julio experience on Apple Vision Pro will take consumers through the brand’s making process, from agave harvesting to tequila aging, providing an immersive storytelling experience that was once limited to physical tours and activations.

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The verdict? These early use cases are merely the tip of the iceberg. The rapid pace of adoption and the caliber of early applications suggest that Apple’s vision for the future of computing is as visionary as it is achievable in the near term.

As more brands and developers dive into the Vision Pro ecosystem, we’re likely to witness an explosion of creativity and problem-solving unlike anything and the future of computing is as immersive, intuitive, and transformative as we could have imagined.

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